New Branson website Version Information

Back around July 3rd the website server with this website and many others started having SQL problems.

At some point all the websites in that account went down. The web Host was not able to fix this so all the websites got lost.

The current Branson locksmith service website at the time was lost. So Was many sites including our website design site and other business sites.

I have been rebuilding new sites for days now to replace the ones that got lost.

The Branson Locksmith Services website is now on a different hosted web server that is much faster. The site has been rebuilt using an all new design with updated styes and plugins. It runs much faster and is more efficient now as well.

The older version of the site was out dated and was built on a backed end system that we not longer support. The new site version is built on a high end builder system with tons of features.

It features built in cell phone and tablet support for all designs and pages and much better layout designs and much more.

I tried to contact you but all I get is a massage system.

If you have questions about the site and to get more information call me Ed at 251-215-7111

I can setup an e-mail for you as well and set up a contact fill in area on the contact page for customers to contact you to.

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